Running Resources

This is in no way a comprehensive list of running resources, just a few of the game-changing tools that have helped me cross the finish line. I talk more about them in my new book: It Could be Worse: A girlfriend’s guide for runners who detest running.

Digital Resources to follow:

Another Mother Runner

Runs for Cookies

Not Your Average Runner

Badass Lady Gang

Runner’s World

Run to the Finish

Books and Training Journals:

Brown, B. (2012). Daring greatly.

Dais, D. (2006). The non runner’s marathon guide for women. Get off your butt and on with your training.

Duckworth, A. (2016). Grit. The power of passion and perseverance.

Flanagan, S. & Kopecky, E. (2018). Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. Quick-fix recipes for hangry athletes.

Fleshman, L. & McGettigan, R. (2016). Compete training journal.

Goucher, K. (2018). Strong.

Graham, J. (2012). Honey, do you need a ride? Confessions of a fat runner.

Heminsley, A. (2013). Running like a girl.

McDowell, D. & Shea, S. (2009). Run like a mother. How to get moving – and not lose your family, job, or sanity.

Valerio, M. (2017). A beautiful work in progress.

Van Der Kolk, V. (2015). The body keeps the score: Brain, mind and body in the healing of trauma.