A few months back I called my shot. I shared my dream of submitting a book proposal to Hay House publishing company in hopes I’d be selected for a book deal. This past week I learned I didn’t get it. I’m not going to sugar coat this. I’m bummed. I believe my stories about loss…… Continue reading Rejection


Podcast Fun and Writing Deadlines

Things are getting real. This week, a podcast I recorded last month with Coach Kiah came out.  I first discovered Kiah by accident on Instagram. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan not only of watching her incredible weight loss journey but also her zest for life and all things farming. Yep. She comes from…… Continue reading Podcast Fun and Writing Deadlines

Local Author Shares Love-Hate Relationship with Running in her Debut Book

Iron River resident Beth Probst is a non-athlete. Or so she believes. In 2011, after a few too-many mojitos at a dinner party with friends (remember those?), she decides to give running a try. Logically, she signs up for a half marathon, even though she’s never run a race in her life. And so begins…… Continue reading Local Author Shares Love-Hate Relationship with Running in her Debut Book

Becoming an Outdoor Woman – Pure Michigan

A fresh snow on Moon Lake made it finally feel like winter. The snow coincides with me getting the latest travel guide from Pure Michigan. Inside, I finally got to see an article I put together last winter in print. It is all about being an outdoor woman. The assignment was perfect for me. I…… Continue reading Becoming an Outdoor Woman – Pure Michigan

Finding a Place in Duluth

This month I had a multitude of articles come out including my first blog post for Midwest Living and an article about talent recruitment in northeast Minnesota for Minnesota Business Magazine. The topics are wildly different but they both focus in one a special place in my heart – Duluth. As a new mom, I…… Continue reading Finding a Place in Duluth