Four Days and Counting Until My Superior Adventure!

Fact: Did you know Lake Superior is the coldest, deepest, and highest in elevation of any of the Great Lakes? It is, in fact, the largest freshwater lake in the world with one inch of surface water totaling 553 billion gallons of water. It covers 31,700 square miles, roughly the same size of Maine or the combined provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. In simpler terms, it is BIG. But, the true draw to Lake Superior isn’t just sheer size. It is inspiration.

Lake Superior inspires greatness. It is not just a lake; it is THE lake. It is the lake where with just a simple glance, you can be inspired and transpired to a simpler life. A life where the present matters and everything else is just details. A time where doing nothing is everything.

In just four days, I will set out on an eight day adventure to rediscover why I’m drawn to this place I’m lucky enough to call home. In tow, my husband Steve and my dog Joey. Together, the three of us will leave behind our daily lives to explore and experience this 1,200 mile journey around Gitche Gumee I’ve dreamed of completing for decades.

Who ever knew a trip around your backyard could be so exciting! My hope is to document it all. Should internet connections allow, I’ll post throughout the trip. If not, I’ll share my journey upon my trip’s completion. And, after eight days of traveling full circle I have a hunch I’ll be reminded why there’s no place like home… especially in the “Superior” place I call home!


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