Gunflint Trail and Honeymoon Bluff

North Shore versus South Shore. During fall, I struggle with where to split my time. Generally, the quieter crowds and brighter colors of northwest Wisconsin win… But this year, I decided to give the North Shore a bit of my time. Rather than hike the overpopulated Oberg Loop or worse yet, Gooseberry Falls, we headed up the Gunflint Trail. Well worth the trip. Priceless views and plenty of open space to hike. Come sunset, we headed to Honeymoon Bluff. Two thumbs up and a photo to boot.

Gunflint Trail

An online trail guide I occasionally reference urged folks to go during fall. The truth is, this spot would be pretty spectacular year-round. I’ll definitely be returning, in part because of the awesome spot for dinner just a few miles down the road.

Too many trails to talk about tonight but expect some more posts about a few other gems in upcoming weeks.


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