Raise a Glass or Two…

This weekend I’m heading up north for a weekend of girl time and inspiration. The weekend came together quite suddenly after I discovered I won a writing contest about why my girlfriends and I deserve a weekend away at Bluefin Bay Resort.

When I first started to craft my 250 words about why my friends and I deserved a weekend away, I honed in on some of the struggles I have encountered the past year. Topping the list—my failed adoption of course. But, after reading it back to myself, it didn’t ring true. To be honest, while I’ve had a few major downs this year, I am extremely blessed.

With the clock ticking away, I quickly changed my appeal to something a bit more authentic. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic but it was honest. I am blessed to have some amazing friends in my life. You know the kind I’m talking about—the kind that stick around when things get tough and never fail to inspire you to be a better person. I regularly find myself looking to them and going, wow.

The 5 gals accompanying me this weekend have all played a role this past year in making me a better person. Whether it was inspiring me to lose weight and start running, recalibrating my priorities, or pushing myself professionally and personally, much of who I am in this moment of my life I owe to them.

This weekend, we’re leaving the boys and worries behind to just be girls. Drinks, laughs, great food, inspiration, fresh-air, yoga, some time unplugged and hopefully a few good sunrise pics I can post here. Last but not least, a makeover by Minnesota Monthly for my one of my gal pals and I.

The weekend should be a brief respite from the hectic world that surrounds us. I’m excited that Bluefin Bay recognized how amazing these women are in a mere 250 words. And, I could not be more blessed to have them be a part of my life!


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