2012: The year of not quite…

2012 proved to be a challenging, yet inspiring year. At the close of last year, I resolved to a year of mediocrity. I didn’t set this goal as some sort of self-deprecating, please feel sorry for me. Instead, it was my wish to set forth and try things I knew would be tough. Things I knew I wouldn’t necessarily excel at but would have fun experiencing. For the first time in year, I achieved my New Year’s Resolutions.

I still suck at Half-Marathons. But I finished two more—both of which were faster than last year. They are getting easier. And, I’m finding I enjoy running and all that goes with it.

I pursued the art of hand roasting coffee. It isn’t easy—just one look at the charred green coffee beans surrounding my deck implies I’ve had several catastrophic failures. And, truth be told, the big guys do a better job. I don’t care.

My garden still lacks the polish of one with a green thumb, but I’m finding certain plants excel under my lackluster care. Others, well, are easily replaced. And, a freshly picked tomato (even on a plant that has root rot) still tastes amazing.

I’m still no Julia Childs in the kitchen but I’ve created several concoctions that my family enjoys. And, after researching Christmas cookies, I hit a homerun with my take on the easy to make, yet oh so cute, Christmas Mice.

Rejection letters a plenty this year in terms of freelancing. But, I made more money and signed more long-term contracts than I have in years. I’m finding out what works (and doesn’t work) for me as a writer and am having a blast along the way.

I won’t go into details about how much I missed my weight loss goal. But, I’m finishing the year down from last year and hopeful that number will keep creeping downwards. It might take longer than most but I’m confident I’m on the track to reaching my goal someday.

Travel was limited to the Midwest. There was no warm escape in the bleak winter months or crazy adventures this past fall. Instead, time was spent closer to home exploring what’s in our neck of the woods. Surprise—it is pretty amazing.

In terms of my professional career, I didn’t change jobs this year. I wasn’t promoted. I didn’t win any awards or do anything exceptional. But, I discovered I’m at a place where I’m not defined by my day job. Instead, I love what I do. I love the people and place that I work. But, I love my life with all of its surprises more.

2012 won’t go down as the year where I made crazy investments, traveled afar, changed careers, adopted or experienced some other unexpected but awesome surprise. By all accounts, it was an average year lived out by an average person. But, all of these experiences and understanding of what makes me tick has laid the groundwork for 2013—a year that’s bound to be ordinary in an extraordinary way. Stay tuned for details…


2 thoughts on “2012: The year of not quite…

  1. Sounds to me like it was a year of daring greatly and learning along the way. I think you and this blog are pretty darn awesome, Beth. So glad to know and look forward to more ‘face time’ in 2013! Happy New Year.

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