Winter Fun Around Bayfield County

President’s Day is just around the corner. The heart of winter (especially in the northwoods where it has been known to snow in May) can be tough. Pretty, but tough—tough for business, tough for folks living here, and tough on one’s spirit in general.

To remedy this, a number of towns in and around Bayfield County have found creative ways to breath life into the folks that live here and encourage others to see how great we have it. Sure, there is the Birkebeiner, the nation’s largest Nordic Ski race… but I frankly prefer Book Across the Bay. The President’s Day weekend point-to-point race on Lake Superior, at night, with only 1,000 luminaries lighting your way is pretty special, as are the people behind the race.

In today’s Pioneer Press, there’s an article about the race and its history. I hope to write a different piece in the future about the unsung heroes who make this race so amazing.

Folks who might not be that adventuresome but enjoy a great laugh might want to consider heading to Drummond, Wisconsin that same day. I have the chance to attend the Bar Stool Races a few years back. The community festival is surprisingly family friendly and quite entertaining. Plus, where else can you see grown men (and women) hurl themselves down a steep slope on bar stools supported by skis?


Drummond Bar Stool Races                   Drummond Bar Stool Races

Two great events within 30-minutes of my house on the same day. What more could I ask for? And folks say we don’t have anything going on up here.

Still not convinced? The craziness continues the first weekend of March with the world’s largest weenie roast near Cable, Wisconsin.


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