2015: You Were Sort of an A$$hole

Happy-new-year-2015-quoteI must admit, when midnight strikes I’ll have no problem saying good-bye to 2015. Looking back, I watched it deal out a lot of heartache and pain. At times it was cruel, callous and calculated on harming those I care about. It served up individual setbacks that on the surface seemed minor, but when combined, packed a powerful punch. In short, it was sort of an asshole.

But, the great thing about time is it keeps moving. Tomorrow, a new year starts. While I’ll gladly flip the calendar, I won’t throw out what I learned this past year. Setbacks made me stronger and wiser. They reinforced what matters. They made me grateful for the amazing people I’m lucky enough to surround myself with in this roller coaster called life. And, they made me enjoy all that was wonderful in 2015, that much more.

Looking ahead, I have a laundry list of tasks I hope to accomplish. I want to clear a 3-hour Half-Marathon, build muscle and blast fat. I want to take more photos, kayak, cook, travel, garden and read more. I want to giggle and snuggle with my son while he still thinks I’m cool. I want to experience new adventures with my husband. But most importantly, I want to continue living life on my terms in a place I love. While I doubt I’ll achieve everything on this list, the one thing I know is I’ll make sure I’m having fun trying.

I hope everyone finds peace with the year that was 2015 and finds comfort in knowing there is always tomorrow. There is always a chance to right the wrong, love, learn and grow. There is time for new experiences, laughter and joy. When life doles out lemons, there is comfort in knowing this too shall pass.

To everyone in my life, thank you for sharing this ride with me. It isn’t always easy but you make it worth it!


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