Fat Minutes

I recently listened to an interview with Mel Robbins and Jenna Kutcher. Decent interview, in-part because Jenna Kutcher is someone who took a leap of faith and monetized that. As someone trying to continuously align my passion and how I spend my time (and make money), that’s pretty cool. Anyways, towards the end of the interview, Jenna talked about fat minutes. It is a concept in her new book which I have not read yet (I’m taking a break from self-help books which is a post for a different time).

Despite not reading the book, the concept resonated with me. Fat minutes is just the idea of do we make the most of our time in a day. To take it one step further, though, do we make the most of our time in a day doing what matters to us.

I endured a very minor surgery yesterday in which being the over analyzer and wuss I am, I contemplated while on funny gas, if this was the last day of my life, what would I regret? There were things. There are always things. But, I was surprised by how far I’ve come in the past couple of years of making peace with who I am and what I want out of life, even if others don’t get it.

The truth is, a fat minute to me is sipping a pot of coffee or a latte and reading a good book.

It is successfully growing my first hydrangea.

It is eating sugar snap peas out of my garden.

It is complaining about how boring my son’s baseball games are but having a job that affords me the luxury of attending every single game until the very bitter end. It is watching him win second place at the Tractor Pull and learn a few life lessons while running for Blueberry Prince… and losing.

It is long walks in the morning and binge watching shows on Netflix.

It is submitting a manuscript with hopes of winning a book deal, knowing that even if I fail, I am one step closer to having a second book out.

It is trolling around Moon Lake watching my son attempt to catch a bass.

It is laughing with girlfriends and morning journaling and pondering big questions.

It is researching my next big move and trying to celebrate even the smallest momentum forward and more importantly giving myself grace when I go backwards.

This past year, I’ve said no more than yes. But yet my life is more full than it has ever been with the things that I love. Who knew doing less could create the fattest minutes of all?

About the same time I was having bone cadaver drilled into my jaw, my girlfriend’s husband flew in from an unknown destination. It was her Top Gun moment without Tom Cruise. She sent me photos that I eventually saw when the drugs wore off. They aren’t my photos to share but if anyone needs a reminder of what matters, think about that for a moment. And then ask yourself, what are you doing or not doing to ensure that your life is packed with fat minutes?

Right now, I’m ending this post so I can get to the library before it closes so I can stock up on some mindless smut to devour this weekend while I sip non-carbonated beverages on our pontoon, making the most of these dwindling days of summer. I hope you are doing something equally as exciting!


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