Divide and Conquer

We awake to sunny blue skies and plenty of heat. By mid-morning temperatures approach 80 degrees. Our jaunt through customs proves to be brief and unadventurous. I cannot complain. We stop at the tourist information center to pick up a map. After Steve struggled to find Lake Superior on the Ontario map, I question whether…… Continue reading Divide and Conquer


Moose Capital of the World…

The sun is in full force today. With it, the bugs. More specifically, lots of hungry mosquitoes. Despite this, we forge ahead. Our first stop is the Seney National Wildlife Refuge where we encounter a variety of animals floating about the marsh. Eagle nests, baby geese, swans, and plenty of unidentified birds flutter around us…… Continue reading Moose Capital of the World…

Four Days and Counting Until My Superior Adventure!

Fact: Did you know Lake Superior is the coldest, deepest, and highest in elevation of any of the Great Lakes? It is, in fact, the largest freshwater lake in the world with one inch of surface water totaling 553 billion gallons of water. It covers 31,700 square miles, roughly the same size of Maine or…… Continue reading Four Days and Counting Until My Superior Adventure!