Resolutions Suck

Resolutions. How can one simple word be so loaded? Resolutions often result in empty promises of losing weight, eating healthy, exercising and being an overall better person. It signals us highlighting our weaknesses and focusing on how what we are currently doing isn’t good enough.

Last year I attempted to buck the trend of setting resolutions by setting the bar low.  Guess what? I still failed. I have yet to publish my book. I backed off on volunteering in the community. I weigh a mere 4 pounds less this year than I did last year at this time. I had the worse garden on record. I continued to believe the best in people, despite discovering that some people don’t deserve this kindness. And, despite an incredible week long vacation in Washington, D.C. my 2013 list of places to see remains primarily unchecked.

By all accounts, this past year was a failure. Except it wasn’t. In mid-January, just days after setting my goals, I was handed a curveball. Remember this?

In an instant everything changed. My priorities changed. My goals changed. My resolutions became a distant memory. And, despite my best attempt at planning, I have since discovered that no matter how much I lower the bar, it won’t be enough.

So I’m taking yet another approach at setting goals. This year’s goal—expect the unexpected. Go with the flow. Recognize that the next year might be about survival. Life may revolve around changing diapers, teething, first steps and making the most of each moment with Jacob of Moon Lake.  And frankly, that’s pretty amazing.

This year won’t be about me. I won’t make major self-improvements. Instead, I will be reminded time and time again that I have no idea what I’m doing as a mother. And each time this happens, I will smile because the one thing I wanted more than anything in life has happened. I am in fact a mother.

Last but not least, I am setting one concrete goal. In April I hope to run my first half-marathon since having Jake. There I’ve put it in writing. I am running again. And guess what. I am scared to death. I am out of shape. I seriously question whether I’ll be able to finish. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll find time to train. Each time I step on the treadmill, my head is filled with self-doubt.

But, each time I finish a training session, there is a glimmer of hope. That little voice from the depths of my soul that whispers maybe I can, despite my head shouting I cannot. I don’t know who will win or what the future holds. But, I do know I’m going to try. If I fail, so be it. It’ll just be one more item to blog about.

2013: The Year of 10%

In order to continue my success with New Year’s Resolutions, I’m once again aiming low. I’ve decided 2013 will be the year of 10%. No, that is not a typo. Not 100% but instead, 10%.

10 percent doesn’t seem like much. But, think about it for a minute. By default, my goal is simple. But what does it mean?

Consider this:

  • If I cut my television watching by 10% and increased my writing by 10%, could I in fact accomplish self-publishing a book in 2013?
  • If I made 10% more, donated 10% more, gave 10% more of my time to causes that count, could I achieve my goal of making an impact in my community?
  • If I lost 10% of my body weight, could I shave 10% off my Half-Marathon time, allowing me to achieve my sub-3 hour time?
  • If I spent just 10% more time on the front end of my garden, instead of 10% on the back-end fixing my dying plants, could I enjoy a more bountiful harvest come fall?
  • If I invested 10% more time with people who respect me and 10% less time chasing after people that don’t, would I have more meaningful relationships?
  • If I dared to be fearless 10% more of the time, would I encounter people, places and experiences I never dreamed possible?

Achievable. Powerful. Realistic. Watch out 2013. I’m armed with 10% ambition and the sisu Fin in me. This, combined with an action plan that includes Great Courses coursework, a life coach/group, leadership training and new freelance contracts, a renewed gym membership, updated playlist and two half-marathons, garden plans, rekindled friendships, new special interest groups and trip itineraries, I have a chance of not failing.

Should a baby be thrown in the mix, I’ll gladly postpone all of these goals to achieve my number 1 dream—being a mom. Now that’d make for a 2013 to remember. If it isn’t in the cards, I think this list is a pretty good consolation prize.

Happy New Year!